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For over 65 years, Refrigeration Services of Green Bay has been a locally owned provider of high quality refrigeration and restaurant equipment. We provide custom installation, and exceptional service to commercial and industrial businesses at competitive prices. From restaurants and convenience stores, to grocery stores and refrigerated warehouses, we have a proven record of superior performance with both commercial and industrial projects. We sell, install and service: walk in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, refrigerator displays, floral coolers, evaporative coolers, chillers, and ice machines. Our highly skilled technicians are available 24/7 and provide prompt and professional service. We are proud to be a Focus on Energy partner.

Established in 1953.

Refrigeration Services of Green Bay, Inc. was founded in 1953 in Green Bay, Wisconsin as Verheyden Refrigeration. In 1982, Marvin and Diane Mangan purchased Verheyden Refrigeration and shortly thereafter changed the name to Refrigeration Services of Green Bay, Inc. to show that the business was a total refrigeration contracting business and food service equipment dealer. After a 30 year career at Refrigeration Services, the company was purchased by Greg and Deb Pautz, keeping it a locally owned, family business.


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